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HS - Mayor Paps by feshnie HS - Mayor Paps :iconfeshnie:feshnie 1,280 122 uuUU by Zamiiz uuUU :iconzamiiz:Zamiiz 332 5 Gamzee Makara ~ Nightmare by FaygoCupcakesForAll Gamzee Makara ~ Nightmare :iconfaygocupcakesforall:FaygoCupcakesForAll 23 7 Homestuck: The Spectrum by KirscheAnder Homestuck: The Spectrum :iconkirscheander:KirscheAnder 396 87 Be the seer by atrueenglishman Be the seer :iconatrueenglishman:atrueenglishman 1,290 41 Be the clown by atrueenglishman Be the clown :iconatrueenglishman:atrueenglishman 904 30 Be the friendleader by atrueenglishman Be the friendleader :iconatrueenglishman:atrueenglishman 1,537 41 SignlessFamily by Zamiiz SignlessFamily :iconzamiiz:Zamiiz 1,224 30 SteampunkStuck by Zamiiz SteampunkStuck :iconzamiiz:Zamiiz 1,547 58 Homestuck -  M17UN4 G1F by MelSpontaneus Homestuck - M17UN4 G1F :iconmelspontaneus:MelSpontaneus 469 14 Lion girl by lolaWan Lion girl :iconlolawan:lolaWan 176 21 Mituna by lolaWan Mituna :iconlolawan:lolaWan 133 11
Mature content
Homestuck 30 Minutes in Heaven: Vriska :iconsaltbae:Saltbae 70 19
Mature content
We Weren't Heroes (Vriska x Reader) :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 58 9
Oh No! (Vriska Serket) - Prom Night
((Song is in the description. Please read the introduction before reading this ending!))
Don't do love, don't do friends, I'm only after success. Don't need a relationship. I'll never soften my grip
It was now that you really started to feel bad about your situation. You had always loved to dance to this song, and now you had no one to do it with.
You swayed to the music and hummed, tuning out your surroundings. This was why you didn't notice a certain female walking your way, or tapping her foot in impatience when you wouldn't respond to her.
Don't want cash, don't want card. Want it fast, want it hard. Don't need money, don't need fame, I just want to make a change
Eventually, you snapped out of your gaze and turned your attention to the girl in front of you.
Ugh you do
"Hey, (Y/N)," she said, stretching out each syllable. "Where's your date?"
You begrudgingly told her your story, afraid she would make fun of you. However, her response was different than you expected.
:iconlittlemeowbeast:littlemeowbeast 32 26
{Vriska x Reader} s e l f i s h
{Vriska x Reader} s e l f i s h
You're slightly terrified, slightly irritated and slightly enamored at your predicament as you tumble to the floor, her hands shoving you down.
Her red shoes are what you stare at, the Troll Converse meeting skinny, purposefully ripped denim jeans leading up to her slim hips where her hands are placed firmly and arrogantly which brings you to her leather-clad arms and her high shoulders. Her gray neck finishes with her stupidly, unfairly beautiful face with her smirking cerulean-painted lips and her enraged black eyes glaring at you. Though it was always shown, you knew with a tiny bit of resentment, she really did enjoy your fear and your cowering form.
"You think I can't take Noir?" The Serket snarls, her eyebrow raising far above her glasses.
You open your mouth and close it, watching Vriska loom over you. You frown, determined not to be intimidated by the bitchy Scorpio. "I thin-"
"You, my matesprit, think that I, Vriska Serket,
:iconneonskies-lastwords:neonskies-lastwords 42 7


:iconbeliyetichan: :iconlecetace:


Any profil pictures aren't by me ~


Aw, you're lost ?
Anyways : Welcome on this DA page where there's nothing to see ! 8D

RedArkans, at your service. *bow down, smiling*
I'm a girl, still studing. I'm living in the french part of Switzerland, so my mother tongue is french, therefor my english is far from perfect.

I, although I do love art, drawing, writing, painting and stuff, all of this being one of my hobby, have neither talent neither this mystical thing called "confidence" so I'm not using this account as an artist.
I'm basically just here admiring and stalking peoples. <3

That's all.
Have a nice night ~


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